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Majesty- A New Day

Hello there! I hope all is well! Happy Friday! TGIF!!! I am here today featuring Jian & Bueno! My sister will not be a fan of this blog post since she is afraid of snakes. Pixel or real it doesn't matter! So, I will have to do a disclaimer to her when I post this to not look. lol I have here in this space the Python habitat and wanderer. You also get a static/animated python and a companion. You can rez the habitat with the table or without it so you can use your own table or w.e you like. It is also texture change! The vapor is able to be cut on and off with the click of the habitat. Very versatile and really nice. The pythons are available at the FaMeshed event! I have been doing a good many whimsical posts so I wanted to do something more masculine today. But, it can be used by anyone! The loveseat is by Bueno! It is currently available at The Romp event but I am sure will be at the store also later. These loveseats are only 50L per play and there is no rares. I had a hard …

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