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Majesty- Some People Feel The Rain, Others Just Get Wet

Hello there!Happy Saturday! I would say I am in a decorating mood. But that is really the norm for me. lol It's been awhile since I put myself in a blog post. LOL I am really picky when doing a fashion and home decor blog post as I like to feature both equally. I won't be blogging a bed standing in front of it. LOL I am featuring some of my fav stores in this space! Kraftwork, Chez Moi Furniture, booN, Kalopsia, and last but def not least [Cynful]. I am using a backdrop from Kraftwork for this space called Grunge scene. I really had fun decorating with it. You can easily also not use any decor and take pics as you like but yall know I love to decorate. My Tapbrella is also from KraftWork and new at Fameshed right now. It is a steal of a price at only 99L and you get a hud with a color change menu. This round will last until the 27th. The Bubble chair set is from Chez Moi and new at the TLC event. The chairs have some awesome animations and they are texture change with the hud …

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