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Majesty- Moment Of Thought (Rain)

Hello there!I hope all is well. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I had no plans of posting today and here my butt is! LOL  I have been trying to get some things together for this awesome holiday season. I am featuring Chez Moi, [Cynful] & Jian & more today. I wanted to do a rainy day post since I have dusted off my weather system! LOL But geeze it's so primmy when it's on. I didn't even do my whole land and it's using over 200 prims. At least it only takes up prims when it is on. Me and my pigmuffin are just sitting here in this awesome space chilling. We are safer under here than we are in that convertible while it rains. LOL This rainy day set from Chez Moi at Sad November is so cute and packed with animations. The bench is color change. It is so cute and low land impact. It is versatile and you can switch out furniture to fit your needs of course. The umbrella is also color change! Don't be surprised to see this used in different ways in the future! I love having…

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